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f l o u r i s h m y f r i e n d 🌷

We complain about not growing when we haven’t even tried absorbing the nutrients around us.

Think about a plant. To keep it healthy, we can give it nutrients, water it, fertilize it, and plant it in the right spot, but it’s really up to that plant to decide whether it wants to take those nutrients to keep growing, to produce, and to root further. That plant was showing signs of weakness because it knew it needed those nutrients. But all while it’s complaining, this plant doesn’t want to take those nutrients; it would rather lay low than grow.

God is a great gardener, and He gives us the nutrients and right soil we need to grow, but He also gave us the ability to take it, or leave it. Free willingly.  

This could be the Bible; this could be a sign He is giving you; maybe He is pushing you out of your comfort zone and you decided to lay low; or maybe it’s starting with receiving Jesus into your heart?!

Whatever amazing thing it is, God is the ultimate gardener, and He wants you to absorb those nutrients He gave (and is giving!!) you so you can flourish!!

God is the ultimate gardener, and He wants you to flourish!!

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